About Intrepidus AD

What am I doing here?

Intrepidus is defined as fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance. AD stands for Art and Discourse. Intrepidus AD is a platform for people with interests in art, history, philosophy, theology, etc. to collaborate on ideas. Those ideas are then turned into art for purchase. The art is meant to be inspirational or to serve as a reminder that our adversities are not exclusive to us. The struggles we face today are relative to the struggles people have always had. And if those before you can get through it, so can you.

The idea is to take the events and ideas discussed and turn them into a piece of art that Intrepidus AD will sell from the website, print, and ship. The artist will get a percentage of the items sold. This can be a good form of passive income for artists. The designs can be anything from a shirt, canvas art, decal, etc. Wherever you choose to display the piece that means something to you. Each premise can have as many artist interpretations as we as a community want.


To become one of our artists visit our contact page. Enter "artist application" on the subject line. Someone will respond at our earliest convenience.

About Jimi

^This guy can't rap

A note from the author

This blog is a collection of my thoughts and insights over the years. All my life people have sought advice from me. Why? Beats the shit out of me. Maybe they can tell you. Maybe you will find out on your own. I invite you to challenge my thinking as I will challenge yours. This is how we learn and grow. I have mentored thousands of people through my time as a leader in the military, an ambassador for a veteran entrepreneurship group called Bunker Labs, the psychedelic tribes I work with, and especially those I call friends.  I genuinely hope these ideas help others along their journey. I want the Intrepidus AD concepts to inspire people to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Jimi is the founder of Intrepidus AD. His background in philosophy and history coupled with his design skills bring these ideas to life.

Jimi creates a visceral experience with his art. Each detail has meaning and depth to it.

But most of all, he's here because he can't rap.

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